14.02 Smoky Velvet


ALPI engineered veneers are manufactured from Poplar, Lime Wood or Ayous, broken down and reassembled in infinite varieties, finishes and decorative effects. A unique range of offerings, with superior quality characteristics, free of the typical defects of traditional wood, provides unlimited solutions for the designer or architect.  Whether for the catalogue or for custom applications, ALPI veneers guarantee uniform colors and sizes, ready to be reproduced over time, on horizontal and vertical surfaces.


Available Variants

Smoky Velvet
ALPIlignum  ⁄  Veneer 14.02
Designer Collection Matteo Ragni
Texture Design
Size 2500x640mm
ALPIkord ⁄ Pre-Finished Veneer 14.02K
Size NA
Wax NA
Groove NA
Light Gloss NA
Bright Gloss NA
ALPIrobur  ⁄  High Strength Pre-Finished Veneer 14.02R
Size NA
Soft NA
Matt NA
Pore NA
Brushed NA