Product Care Dyed Natural Veneer

No two trees of the same specie produce exactly the same veneer.

All wood will change colour over time, some will lighten and some darken.

The same occurs with dyed veneers, Grey in particular is more unstable than most especially when exposed to direct sunlight.

White "Artico" types may require under veneering so as not to show the colour of the substrate.

When finishing, ie lacquering, varnishing, oiling, it is most important to use products with strong UV inhibitors to increase the resistance to light of the finished product.

We are not finishing experts and recommend that all clients have their joiners/finishers ensure that the correct material is used.

Samples of dyed veneer may oxidise, however, once laid and finished the original colour will be seen. Samples should be compared "like for like" ie all natural, all laid and sanded or all finished.

We cannot accept liability for discolouration except in cases of production defect.

These recommendations are solely the result of our experience and therefore not binding. It is up to the users to evaluate their usefulness based on their own experience, on the technical productions cycles and the result which is desired.

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