About Us

A reputation for quality, range and reliability

Eden Anglo Veneers sell a wide range of natural decorative veneers as well as constructional veneer and lumber. In addition, we supply a great variety of engineered veneers and dyed natural veneers.

We have long-standing relationships with furniture and marine clients going back more than 30 years. Clients choose us for our high quality products and reliable service.

Protecting our environment with FSC certification

Eden Anglo Veneers sources its veneers from around the globe, always adhering to the highest environmental standards. We are FSC-Certified for the sale of sustainable natural veneers, engineered and dyed veneers, and we are unique in offering an FSC-Certified engineered veneer. Please view our FSC certificate.

See our range of natural, dyed natural, engineered, constructional wood veneers.